Western Expedition- Day 8

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Western Expedition- Day 8

After a well rested evening of fun and games, I awoke much later than my alarm, letting my body sleep as long as possible. Knowing full well that tomorrow morning would be hectic and very early, I organized my suitcase and separated my liquids for the flight. Once we were ready and the room was packed, we headed to the lobby for one of the best hotel breakfasts of the trip. It offered a fruit bar with strawberries and pineapple, as well as a waffle station with Nutella, that definitely called my name. 

     It was a short drive to the Glenwood Adventure Center where our white water rafting took place. Going in I was extremely apprehensive. As most who know me will tell you, I have a large fear of the water and things that could be in it, whether it be fish, sharks, or anything that lives. I had never been rafting before, despite my home state of West Virginia being a central location for water activities. To put it simply, I was terrified.

     Fortunately, my fears were quickly put to rest; I had an absolute blast. Classified as Level 3, our group got to go across some fun rapids while spinning, going backwards, or skipping along the water. When we weren’t paddling, we were next to the other groups, making jokes and beating the heat by having an all out splash war. Although my blasts didn’t always make the target, it was a very fun way to cool off and enjoy the river as a group. Certain sections of the river allowed us to get out and swim. The water was freezing, but very relieving in the 100 degree weather. Another fun activity on the water was known as rodeo. This is where a person stands on the end of the raft, holding on to a rope, while the rest of the group paddles and spins the raft in a circle until they ultimately fall off into the water. Looking at the pictures from the trip afterward, it was clear just how much fun I had. Truly, the smile never left my face. I’m so thankful we were able to do it, and I was able to enjoy it so much. 

     Once the rafting was finished, we grabbed some lunch at Subway, and headed on our four hour drive to Colorado Springs. This particular drive may have been my favorite. For the majority of the drive, we listened to a three hour Disney music playlist. As most likely the biggest Disney fan ever, I am obsessed with the movies and theme parks; getting to listen to MY music, was a dream come true. Not joking, I knew every word to every song that came on. It was an absolute blast singing along with everyone in the car, doing the character impressions, and harmonizing together in a sometimes good, sometimes bad way. 

     Some traffic on the interstate slowed our progress, but we ended up eating dinner at a local burger and milkshake place that was simply delicious. After the core workout on the raft, my friends and I treated ourselves to amazing milkshakes and savory sandwiches. It was one of the best dinners of the trip. To end the day, we drove two blocks away to our hotel, and settled down for the night, anticipating the very early morning. 

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