Western Expedition- Day 7

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Western Expedition- Day 7

 After getting into the hotel very late Sunday night, or Monday morning, we were able to sleep in till 9:45. The added rest was very much appreciated and needed. Although many of us missed breakfast, including myself, we had enough granola bars and dried fruit to go around. 

     Departing at about 11:00, we began a short thirty minute drive to our destination. Once again, with the change of plans regarding the Grand Tetons, the Dinosaur National Park was also not possible. Fortunately, Colorado National Monument was close by, and worth the visit. 

     The vibe of the park was very similar to Canyonlands and Zion. Like the majority of the desert-like parks, large red/orange rock formations dominated the skies as the canyons and valleys below provided curved trails up the mountains. As we drove throughout the park, we found much entertainment in the simplest of things. One being as we went through a tunnel inside of the mountain, we all held our breaths for the duration of the tunnel; if we made it out of the tunnel without taking a breath, we could make a wish and it would come true. 

     Once we reached one of the highest points in the park, we got out of the vehicles and walked to the viewing area. It was absolutely gorgeous. My friends and I took several fun photos, and the entire group recreated our GIANT panorama. It was a fun little stop with a great view. 

     Since many of us missed breakfast, the group became hungry very fast. Some chicken and a peach milkshake from Chick-fil-A solved the problem, allowing us to continue on the road for another two hours to Glenwood Springs. Like previous drives, the time passed quickly with naps, music, and guessing games. Before we knew it, we had arrived.

     We stopped at Walmart and Target to grab a few things before checking in early to our hotel. The Residence Inn at Glenwood Springs was probably one of the nicest hotels we have stayed at during this trip. With one king bed and a pullout couch, it contained a living area, a large bathroom, and a kitchen. After relaxing for a bit and checking in with our families, the entire group went to the pool and hot tub area and had the best time. Besides normal swimming and floating, we practiced stunting and flying in the water with those in the group who are experienced cheerleaders. The jets in the whirlpool tub felt amazing on my back that had steadily grown more sore throughout the course of the trip. 

     After an hour or so playing in the pool, we received a message that the pizza we ordered had arrived. Quickly running to the room to change out of our wet clothes, we headed to the lobby and enjoyed good food with great company. Afterwards, some chose to stay up later and play Mofia. Wanting to relax in the room, Katy and I went upstairs and enjoyed some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while watching the classic movie of my childhood, Princess Diaries. Although a slow, much easier day, it was a great chance to let our bodies rest and our friendships to strengthen. 

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