Western Expedition- Day 1

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Western Expedition- Day 1

     The expedition began bright and early Tuesday morning as I quickly scurried about the house to gather up my last minute necessities. As predicted by those who know me best, I was the last to arrive, just in the nick of time. After catching up and greeting my friends, we packed up the cars and headed to Columbus. A quick bite at Chick-fil-A and a little drive later, we ended up at the Columbus airport. 

     The scorching July heat surely took its toll as I began to miss the comfort of good air conditioning. I surely made it harder on myself with one of the heaviest duffels in the group and wearing dark colors. Fortunately, we were able to beat the heat inside the airport with a refreshing drink and the cool air. 

    The first flight was a nice short trip to Austin, Texas that lasted about two and a half hours. Naturally our group clapped when the plane landed, that continued on our later flight, and I’m sure will become a tradition for the next ones. The Austin airport was strikingly different from the Columbus airport, and really any airport I’ve ever been to. Wall to wall people bustled in and out of the waiting areas and walkways to the point where you felt like you were in everyone’s way. With only a short forty minute layover, we grabbed dinner at a nearby taco bar and ran back to our gate to board our flight to Denver. 

     Once again, it was a short two hour flight to Denver before picking up our luggage, riding the shuttle to the rental car facility, and driving toward Loveland where our hotel for the night is. 

     Although a busy day boarding different shuttles, flights, cars, and such, it was really fun interacting with the group and beginning this adventure. What would normally be an inconvenience to most, standing in line in both security and bag check was one of the best parts of the day for me. Unlike the previous trip, their are several kids that I either don’t know, or haven’t really spoken to before. I’m really glad to have the opportunity to get to go on this adventure with this group of people and get to experience great new things together. 



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