Supporting Veterans Physical Recovery

//Supporting Veterans Physical Recovery

Supporting Veterans Physical Recovery

There are two bills in the West Virginia State Senate (SB125 and SB123) that propose taxing health club memberships. SB123 further requires revenues from the tax increase to be used to fund veteran projects. Many, many veterans use gyms and CrossFit to fight PTSD.  Wounded veterans also use gyms and CrossFit programs after injuries in lieu of standard physical fitness training programs. Further, taxing veterans, or anyone else for that matter, to support veterans projects is a very bad idea. There are other options.

Medal of Honor recipient CW4 (ret) Woody Williams has suggested adding an optional checkbox on West Virginia drivers license applications to pay for veterans hospitals. We know Senate Majority Leader, Ryan Ferns, is developing that bill now. As a veterans healthcare issue, we strongly support the Woody Williams/Ryan Ferns bill.

Watch this video to see how Crossfit helps our wounded brothers and sisters.

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