Summer Expedition Update: June 7, 2018

//Summer Expedition Update: June 7, 2018

Summer Expedition Update: June 7, 2018

Welcome to the Summer Expedition Information Center.  I will be posting important information about the trip here as we get closer, so be sure to check back daily.  This will also serve as a newsletter of sorts.  The main topics I need to talk about today are fundraising, improvements to the itinerary, and a reminder on the assignments.


First, let me just tell you how impressed I am with the effort everyone has put into raising money to pay for the expedition.  To date, we have received a little over $12,000.  That puts us 60% of the way to the goal of $20,000 that we will need.  Now, I know $8,000 sounds like a formidable barrier, but the truth is, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t.  I will receive another $4,000 in corporate donations next week, and that puts us just $4,000 shy of the goal with over a month to go.  Frankly, and I know this may sound unbelievable, but we can raise $4,000 in 30 days standing on our heads.  That said, if you haven’t reached your personal goal, PLEASE DON’T Quit.  Every dollar counts.


A large part of my job as the planner is to make adjustments to the itinerary to maximize the expected budget.  As you can imagine, airfare is a large component of the trip.  As such, I am constantly searching for the best deal right up until the time I press “purchase” on the airline tickets.  My original intent was to fly out of Cincinnati, but the cost of the airfare and the time it was going to put us in Denver made it a bad choice.  I looked around and had settled on flying out of Reagan National in Washington, D.C., but that was going to require that we spend the night in Virginia in order to make the 7:00am flight on the 10th.  Finally, I have found a flight out of Columbus, Ohio that departs at 4:15pm on July 10th and puts us in Denver around 8:00pm. The only catch is that we will be flying back from Denver on July 18th, not July 17th.  We will arrive back in Columbus at 1:15pm and be home by 5:00pm that day.


A large part of the StandWatch Academy Experience is the academic portion of the course.  I am making it easy for you guys to access the classes online.  Please finish them within the assigned time, preferably well within the assigned time.  Doing so will make your experience all the better.

Rules and Itinerary Confirmation

Part of having a great time during the trip is making sure everyone follows some ground rules.  I have listed them below.  Please read them, check all the boxes so I know you understand them, and hit submit.  Also, make sure you review the itinerary and confirm that you are aware of the new departure times and dates.

Stay tuned,


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