Student Project: Safe Haven

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Student Project: Safe Haven

Katiebeth Bowens is a junior at Teays Valley Christian school and wants to go into medicine. Her project focuses on helping at-risk kids.

My experience with Standwatch Academy has introduced me to the business world and has taught me many lessons. Through the program, I got to learn more about how businesses work and the foundations for them. Even more, Standwatch Academy has given me the opportunity to start developing my own non-profit organization and start planning for it. Overall, StandWatch has broadened my knowledge on business and has taught me many lessons.

As I said before, Standwatch Academy has given me the opportunity to start developing my own non-profit organization, which I have decided to call Safe Haven. Safe Haven is a place for troubled kids to go and it works to help the kids spiritually, mentally, and physically. Basically, it’s like a sanctuary, and Safe Haven will try to help as best as it can with the right resources. Generally speaking, I hope to even improve my organization bit by bit as time goes on. Furthermore, one of my goals for Safe Haven is to hopefully one day not just make the organization locally but maybe expand it nationally for the the kids. 

With my now broaden knowledge of business and other topics I have learned along the way, I would have to say that my experiences with Sandwatch Academy definitely has shaped that.  Meaning, I have learned so much more about how business works and foundations for it. Before that, I did not really know anything about the business world. In addition, I have learned lessons about how business works. For example, I have learned that it is entirely important to have good connections and to know who you need to connect with to make the right connections. Another lesson I have also learned with my experiences at Standwatch Academy is time management. I have always been good at time management but my experience with the program has taught me to be more aware of how much time I spend on things. For instance, I have had to do projects and research and they had to be submitted in a certain deadline and sometimes the due date was in a short time. 

To conclude, my time at Standwatch Academy has given me multiple opportunities in how business works and has given me many experiences from that. Additionally, I have gotten the privilege to create my very own non-profit organization and have the developments in plan. In brief, I have learned many new lessons with my experiences at Standwatch Academy and hopefully continue to learn more lessons in the future to shape me.


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