StandWatch Trip: Day Three

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StandWatch Trip: Day Three

Today me and my three roommates woke up at five in the morning. Once we finished getting ready and filling our water bottles, we went down to eat breakfast and share our factoids. After breakfast we all went to the bathroom and left for a four hour drive to Mount Rushmore. Before Mount Rushmore, we made a stop to get coffee at a Starbucks near the hotel because everyone was still very tired. After this stop, we made our way towards Mount Rushmore.

The drive made Wyoming seem very desolate, but went surprisingly quickly over four hours. Once we got to Mount Rushmore we all got out and took plenty of pictures. We then went to watch a video of how Mount Rushmore was made and how Doane Robinson was the one to come up with the idea. It was very interesting to hear that the builders used explosives to make Mount Rushmore. We then proceeded to go to the gift shop and plenty of people bought souvenirs. After our trip to Mount Rushmore, we were all very hungry and found a cute cafe to eat lunch in, which was very good.

Once we had finished eating lunch, we made our way to Devil’s Tower, which was about two hours away. Once we got there we saw plenty of prairie dogs and took plenty of pictures. We then began our hike which was very fun. Our hike took about thirty minutes, and then we began to climb over all the rocks. We climbed halfway up the rocks, which was very fun! We then proceeded to walk back to our cars, and leave for our hour and a half trip back to Wyoming to our hotel. 


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