StandWatch Trip: Day Six

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StandWatch Trip: Day Six

Today, me and my friends woke up at five in the morning and began to get ready for our car ride and long trip. We then went downstairs to share our factoids about Canyonlands National Park and Grand Junction, Colorado. An interesting fact about Grand Junction, Colorado that most people had, was the fact that the Native Utes cursed the land before leaving, and to rid of the curse one has to pick up sand and take it with them. After this, we went to our cars on our way to Canyonlands.

On our six hour drive to Canyonlands, many of us slept, although we had to stop about eight times to use the restroom because we had to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated for our hike in the desert. Once we got to the desert, we stopped to use the restroom before our hike. We then drove to the trailhead of the Upheaval trail. This trail was very fun, and contained two overlooks. We stopped at the first overlook to take a big panorama of everyone, and then we kept hiking to the second overlook. As we headed back, an Australian couple stopped us, and told us there was a woman who had fallen off a trail earlier this morning. We then split up, letting three parents go, and taking Micah with them to help her husband.

As we hiked back it started sprinkling a little bit, which was very alarming. We had been waiting for about thirty minutes, when we saw Mr. Northup, Micah, and the woman’s husband walking back, which was very relieving to us. We gave the man some food and water because him and his wife had decided to do a nine mile hike, and only took two water bottles with them. The only thing to do now was to wait and try and help this man find his wife. Mr. Northup, James Mason, and Monica Mason decided to go back on the nine mile hike to find his wife, while the Gillispies and Australian couple went to find the ranger station for help. In about thirty or so minutes, the rangers showed up and we told them all the information we had. They then went to look for her. A while later, at around seven or eight, we saw a helicopter fly over Canyonlands to look for the lady. Eventually, a second paramedic truck had come to help. Then, at around nine, we saw the three parents come back, and tell us they had found the woman, even before the paramedics had. We were all very happy to hear this information, and very relieved.

After we had helped to rescue this lady, we went to get dinner at Denny’s, which took a while but was still very good. We then had a two hour drive to our hotel. Once we all got to the hotel we went to bed as quickly as possible, and were able to sleep until 9:30 after our long day. Now, we are ready for a nice relaxing day at Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

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