StandWatch Trip: Day Four

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StandWatch Trip: Day Four

Today me and my three roommates woke up at six in the morning and got ready. Once we had packed all our bags and gotten dressed, we went downstairs to eat breakfast. After we had finished eating, we shared our factoids for Little Bighorn National Park and Billings, Montana. The factoids were very interesting and fun to hear. We then left for Little Bighorn, but the tire in our car kept losing air pressure so we had to make a quick stop at Walmart.

We were supposed to be at Walmart for a while, so the parents let us go on a scavenger hunt. It was very fun; we got to search for about twelve things and my group was able to find about seven or eight of the items. We eventually had to end the scavenger hunt, and all ended up sitting in the tire shop, while our tire was being replaced. Although all we did was sit in the back and just talkĀ and make jokes, it was a very fun way to pass the time. After we all got done talking, we decided to walk over to the Pet-Co and watch the animals, which was very entertaining. After this, we walked back over to Walmart and sat in the parking lot and talked and began to play a card game called mafia. This game was very fun, but very short-lived because of the fact that our car tire got was finally finished.

After this, we left for our hour and a half trip to the Little Bighorn National Park, which was very interesting. Although it was very hot, we got to learn a little bit about the battle and history of the grounds. After this, we left for our hotel, which was about two or so hours away. Once we got to the hotel we had a little bit of time to get cleaned up before we left for Cracker Barrel. We then left to eat dinner, which was very good. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this trip has in store!

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