StandWatch Trip: Day Five

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StandWatch Trip: Day Five

Today me and my three roommates woke up at four in the morning. We began to pack our bags and get ready for the long day ahead of us. We then went downstairs to get ready to leave to visit Yellowstone National Park, which was about a three hour drive. As we were on our way we stopped to use the restroom at a gas station and get snacks and breakfast. Me and most of my friends got fruit and coffee to eat which was very good. As we began getting closer to the park we saw beautiful landscape as we were driving up the mountain. We then got a little antsy and decided to play I-spy, which lasted about five minutes because of the fact that we began to see animals.

The first thing we were able to see was a beautiful baby bear that ran across the road, and climbed on a fallen down tree, we then began to take pictures, but only ended up scaring the poor thing, causing it to run away. As we got further into the park, we saw a buffalo right beside the road, so we decided to stop and take a bunch of pictures. Although, as we continued driving, we realized there were herds of buffalo everywhere you looked, from baby ones to parents. We then got to see a fearless baby fox, which was we were able to get great pictures of. As we continued driving further, we saw a bunch of mountain goats, which looked very furry, and we got plenty pictures.

After we left Yellowstone National Park, we headed out to see the geyser, Old Faithful. We had to sit and wait for a little while, but it eventually went off. The geyser was very pretty and better than I thought it could be.

We then made our way to dinner at a nice restaurant called Dixie’s Diner. Most of the kids, along with me got the chicken strips, which were very good. We then headed to our hotel to rest up for our hike the next day.

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