StandWatch Trip: Day Eight

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StandWatch Trip: Day Eight


Today, me and my three roommates woke up at seven in the morning to get ready for our day. For breakfast I made a very good chocolate chip waffle with fruit. After we finished eating, my brother Zane, who goes to the Air Force Academy, came to meet us at the hotel. After he got there, we left to go white water rafting

When we first got to the place to go white water rafting, we had to put plenty of sunscreen on for rafting. After we put our sunscreen on, we left to get our life jackets and helmets. My life jacket was very big on me and me look crazy, but the rafting was very fun! 

At first, we had to ride a bus to the river and then our rafting guide had to tell us how to properly raft. We also watched a video before rafting, which made it seem very scary and unsafe, but this was not the case. Once we got out on the river, I realized there was no real reason to be scared. My brother was able to go rafting with us, and we had such a fun time with him! After rafting, we headed to subway for lunch.

After lunch at Subway, we left Denver to go to Colorado Springs, which was where we would be staying the night. After our three hour drive to Crave, Real Burgers, which was where the rest of the group would be eating, but me, my sister, and my brother all went to eat at a Korean Barbecue restaurant called Tong Tong. Me and my sister both got Ramen noodles, which was very good. But what made it great was being able to spend time with my brother! 

Overall, this trip has been very fun, I hate to see it come to an end.

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