Standwatch Trip Day 8

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Standwatch Trip Day 8

This morning started at 7 am. We had to be downstairs at 8 so we could be at the white water rafting place at 10. When we were at breakfast I got volunteered to be “team mom” for the day. When we were at the hotel Zayn Kessler came because he is at the Air-Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Zayn is Emily and Katy’s older brother. We got to the rafting place then we headed inside so we could get fitted for our life vests and put our personal items in a box so they wouldn’t get wet in the water. After we put our life vests on we got outside and had to watch a video on what not to do and what to do. We then had to go on the bus so they could drive us down to the river where rafting started. We had this lesson before actually got into the water. Then the only actually rapids was the first twenty minutes. There was only 9 rapids, they are called Shoshone, and they are Class III rapids. After we got through those we saw one of the boats that is part of our group and they had like a contest on who could splash each other the most. When we got to a calm part of the water we were able to get out and swim in the water. It was so cold, but I was comparing it to the new river rafting trip I went on a week before we left and it was a lot warmer. After we got back in the raft Stephen got on the front and went down some of the calmer rapids. After Stephen got off, I went then our raft guide said we could go swimming. Then Stephen asked if I wanted to go swimming so he pushed me off the front. I was kind of shocked but then again it’s Stephen. After I pulled myself back in we played these different games on the raft one was called “rodeo” and the other “Tee game”. During the rodeo game you would stand on the front of the boat and they would spend the boat in circles till you fell off. When I went I got up and I wasn’t falling when they spun it so they told me to only do one hand and that’s when I fell. Then the tee game you and someone else who stand on different sides of the raft and you would grip your paddles together and try to lean back as far as you could. When I played against Chloe she purposely let go so I would fall into the water. After we played for a while we went down the rest of the river. After we got off we had to go back to the rafting place so we could return our vest and get our belongings. Then we left and went to subway for lunch. After lunch we were supposed to go to the Air-force Academy but we weren’t gonna be able to make it to the academy before visitor hours were over so we just headed to were our hotel was. When we got to Colorado Springs we stopped at this burger place. My burger was literally bigger than my head, but it was so good. After that we headed to the hotel.

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