Standwatch Trip Day 6

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Standwatch Trip Day 6

Today, started out just like any other morning on the trip. We got up around 6:15 a.m. and who would’ve thought we would get the leadership lesson we got. Turns out when everyone has to drink a whole bottle of water before a 5 hour car ride there’s gonna be a lot of stops. Chloe Ferrell and I slept through 3 out of 8 stops, let’s just say we were tired. Eventually, we reached Moab which is only a couple minutes from Canyonlands National Park. When we got there we stopped to eat at this quesadilla food truck. I hadn’t ate at a food truck in a couple years so I thought it was going to be really bad but it wasn’t surprising. When we finished, we headed to the park for our 2.4 mile hike. From the visitor center, we had to go 7.4 miles to get to the trail head. It felt like forever to get there because it was a 30 mph road. The drive to there was kind of unusual because there was no wildlife like the others. When we got on the trail, we had to go 0.4 miles to get to the first overlook. It was so much more than you would except. It was beautiful being able to see the different colors of rocks come together. When we at the first outlook we took a panorama, but everyone went to the other side of the camera so there was two of each of us. When we took the picture it was like a very weird version of like an Indian run. When we finished our panorama, we headed up to the second overlook. On our way up there one of the girls tripped and hit her head, so we had to stop to make she was okay and didn’t have anything wrong with her head. A couple people stayed back and some went up to a different hill. After we went back we headed up to the second overlook. When we got up to the second overlook we saw a different part that was a little farther so we decided to go there.
When we headed down, we saw this little boy he was so cute. When he first saw us he got really excited because he was surrounded my a bunch of girls. Zac tried to get him to take a picture with us but when we sat down he saw something and he got scared and walked away. As we went down farther we were met by an Australian lady who was asking if any of us had service. A couple people said they did so we asked what she needed it for. She had said that her husband saw this guy who was walking and looked lost. So we tried to call someone to tell but no one who had service calls were going through. So, 3 of our chaperones went down to help. This was the leadership lesson I mentioned at the begin. They didn’t hesitate at all because they knew with their backgrounds they could try to help. The first was Zac, founder of Standwatch and a veteran. Then there was both my parents. One of them is a nurse practitioner at Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority and the other is active duty Military and a paramedic. After they headed down we went back to the beginning of trail so we could try and reach the park ranger but no one could get service. Then the Australian couple headed to the visitor center and the Gillispie car followed. After a little while Zac camp back to where we were to get water and his radio. When he headed back they were gone for a little over the next two hours. While they were gone we decided to play a game called Sway. When we were playing sway we saw the helicopter from the hospital come. After it flying over head for about 10 minutes it turned around and left. We thought they had airlifted the lady but because of how dark it was the little wasn’t working that well. When they got back we got good news about the lady and the Park Rangers were with her. So, we decided to head out. At first, we were going to eat dinner at Wendy’s because of the drive we head to get to the hotel but they were closed so we had to go to Denny’s. When we got there we order in like the first ten minutes but it took forever to the food. Our server hadn’t even put in my order until like 15 minutes after we got the first round of the food come in. Even after that barely anyone actually got the amount of food they order. Then when we were pulling out this lady walked out and she was freaking out because we didn’t pay for our order. But in reality we all saw Zac go up and pay like 10 minutes before we left. Then we drove two hours to go spend the night in the hotel.

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