Standwatch Trip Day 5

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Standwatch Trip Day 5

It was very hard to get myself out of bed this morning. We woke up at 4:45 so we could get a head start to Yellowstone National Park. When we got downstairs, we got our car assignment. We were supposed to be arriving at the park near 10:00, but that didn’t quite happen. On the way to the park there was part of the drive where you were like leveled with the top of the mountain on the other side of the valley. When you were up there, it was hard to see the guardrail at most times which made it really cool because it kind of felt like you were floating. There where you were like right beside snow which is super cool because it’s summertime. It felt like forever on that road because we going 25 miles per hour. Then we stopped at this scenic part where you could pull over. After everyone had gotten out we took our group picture. Mr. Gillespie was at the beginning of the panorama so after they took his part he ran over behind Zac so he be on the other side. When we got out of there we saw a couple of hundred people getting ready for the raceWhen we got into the park we had another 1 and a half drive to get to where we were going in the park. After being in the park we stopped to get lunch. It was this cafeteria place where you could get like fast food, hot food, and health food. After we had finished eating we went back to our meeting spot. When we were waiting for everyone to get pack, Mrs. Gillespie wanted to get a picture of us. So, Paige, Micah, Cole, and Angelo did this heel click thing while me and Chloe stood by the side. After this we had about another hour drive to get to where the geysers where. When we got to where Old Faithful is we went on a little walk. There was a lot of pretty blues in the springs that went to bright reds. They were very pretty but the smell kind of made it not as good. After we finished our walk, we waited like 20 or so minutes to see Old Faithful erupt. It was a lot more than I excepted it to be, because at first there was like little parts coming out before it got big. When we left the park we got like 8 miles before we had to stop. The Mason car saw animals in the middle of the grass so we all got out to try and figure it out. I’m pretty sure know we didn’t even actually figure out what it was. Day 5 was good.

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