Standwatch summer trip final day

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Standwatch summer trip final day

     This day began like no other I woke up first. So we had to be down stairs at 4:30 am and I woke up at 3:45 when the alarm went off. So I took a shower without stoping the alarm so when I got out I realized that the alarm was still going. So I had to open the blinds to wake up the rest of the room and that did not even work against Angelo. 

     So once we all got ready we headed down to the lobby and since we were so early we did not even have breakfast. We showed up at the airport about 7:30 am and we board the airplane at 8:05 am. Then in the downtime of this we played a good amount of Mafia and it was a really great game. 

     After we got onto the plane and went straight to Columbus and drove another two hours to sheetz in teays valley. The plane went by fairly fast but that’s just because I had a great nap on the plane. 

     After the trip was over we were told to think of what we learned that would help with our nonprofits. So I just thought that no matter what the situation is that you should try to get all the information on a problem and try to solve it the best you can. 

     Overall the trip was a great experience and it has taught me how to deal with high pressure situations and that we should always do our best to help. I also learned that nothing goes perfectly to plane and that you have to go with the flow even if you were trying to do the opposite because it might just end up going a lot better than expected and I’m very happy I went on this trip.

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