Standwatch Academy: Day Seven

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Standwatch Academy: Day Seven

  As I awoke I realized that I was the first person to wake up in my room. Usually that would be a cool thing but unfortunately I woke up 3 hours early and had to wait for them to wake up. After we all got ready and took showers we went down for breakfast but we were a little bit late so all we had was apples. 

     Once we were all ready to leave we went to Colorado national monument to see some beautiful things. While we were there we got the opportunity to take an amazing panoramic picture of all of us in it at the same time. The vantage point that we had over the land made the desert look kinda not bad. Then we went back into the car to admire the land in an air conditioned environment. 

     Once we got back out into open road and we went to Walmart for supplies. Some people got some stuff and other just wondered around the store. I was one of the people to wonder around the store because I already bought everything I needed for the rest of the trip. After we got down with Walmart we went to target to look for more bathing suits.

     While the group was at target Zac went to the hotel to sign in and to get everything ready. When he got back we all went to this really nice hotel and we all went to the pool. We all got out of the pool and got changed at headed to the lobby because we ordered pizza. 

     After we had all had dinner we all went to our rooms and settled in for the night. In my room we still had to choose where we were all sleeping. In my room at lest we hooked up our tv to my Netflix account and watched some Kevin Hart.

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