Standwatch Summer Trip Day Four

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Standwatch Summer Trip Day Four

     The day began with all of us, but Cole, sleeping through our alarms till he woke us up to get ready. After we all packed up our stuff and got ready, we went down to breakfast; it was a lot better than the other hotels in the trip so far. The breakfast has sausages, eggs, biscuits, and gravy which were all pretty good. The hotel had all of the most important things a hotel should have, and that is apple juice and the light switch to the bathroom is inside the bathroom. 

     When we finally got on the road we had to make a quick stop at a gas station to put some air in one of the cars. What ended up happening is that we needed to replace the whole tire at Walmart. While Zac was getting a replacement, the rest of the group had a scavenger hunt in the store. The hunt began and my team was off to an early start but the other teams were catching up fast. Then my team decided that we should think harder, but not try harder so we collected the items and then unloaded all of them at the same time. However by the end of the hunt the management decided to shut down our little game. Fortunately, our team ended up winning.

     After the scavenger hunt was over we had nothing to do and we were stuck their for another hour. Then some of us decided to go shop and the others were just decided to wait for the car to get ready. After we had realized that it would take longer than we originally thought we had to think of something else to do. Then the chaperones Bill and Miriam thought of a game in their car but then I remembered that a PetCo was right across the parking lot and we went there. When we all got to PetCo we saw many awesome animals. 

     When the car was finally ready we departed for our three-hour drive to Billings and went to Qdoba for lunch. The line at the restaurant took a long time because there was a massive event in town. When I finally got to order I got a burrito and it was filling and yummy. 

     After another trip, we got to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and watched an entertaining presentation by a park ranger about the history of the battle and the importance of the park. After the presentation was over we all went on a car tour of the battlefield which was very interesting. 

     We then left the monument, went for an hour drive to our hotel, and finished the day with dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was a really fun day. 


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