Standwatch Summer Trip Day Five

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Standwatch Summer Trip Day Five

     Today was an early morning for all of us because we had to wake up at four forty five. Furthermore, we had to get down the stairs in thirty minutes. I immediately got into the shower and rushed to get ready. Afterwords, I went downstairs and waited for the rest of the groups to get downstairs to leave for Yellowstone National Park. 

     Once we got into the car I was hit with a sigh of relief because I really got along with all the people that were in it with me. Then we started on a the long trip to Yellowstone. On the way there we crossed mountain tops and saw some amazing sheets of ice. We also saw people snowboarding and running 5k’s and some interesting wild animals. 

     Once we arrived at Yellowstone we still had about a two hour drive to Old Faithful. About half way there we stopped for lunch and I had a sandwich and a cookie. It was pretty interesting because with every sign it had it in English then in Chinese.

     Finally, we got to Old Faithful right in time to watch it go off. We were about thirty minutes early so we went in a small walk and looked at a ton of interesting formations of geysers. After we got done with our walk we went to Old Faithful and waited for it to erupt. Ten minutes later the geyser finally went off and it was truly an awesome experience. 

     After we left Yellowstone we went to a 50’s diner and had really good food. Later we left to go to the hotel and during the car ride I played I spy. When we finally got to the hotel we all got situated in our rooms and went to bed to get ready for the next day.

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