Standwatch summer trip day eight

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Standwatch summer trip day eight

     The day started like all the other with Cole waking up before us and waking us up because we can sleep through everything. Today started at eight which was a lot better than other days on this trip. This day was also a lot different is because we had an activity very early instead of taking a long road trip. Today was also different because we had another person on the trip because Zane Kessler came along on the excursion. 

     When we got ready to go white water rafting we did not have to travel a ton because the river was not far from the hotel. When we got to the rafting company we got on all our gear and headed to the river. When we got out on to the river we started our strong. 

     The first rapid was most likely the strongest rapid of the whole trip and was a wake up call. After that we hit some other rapids then the river calmed down for about the rest of the trip. After a while we got onto a part where we could swim and the only people to go in were Cole and Bill. They had to come back in the boat which that just means that they were freezing their butts of for the rest of the trip. 

     We go to another section that we could swim so half of the group swam and played game while the other just sat in the boat till they were done. I was peer pressured into do one of the games and I instantly fell into the water. After I got out Cole and I were forced into do a trust game but their is just one big problem me and Cole don’t trust each other. 

     Once we got done with the white water rafting we went to subway for lunch. I was at the same table with Zane Kessler and he told some stories of how he was tear gassed in training for the Air Force. His stories were very interesting and made me think that their was no way that I could do that. 

     After we got done with lunch we went to our next hotel and we showed up at around eight at night. Once we were at the hotel we had a standwatch meeting about the pros and cons of this trip. After the meeting all the people in my room went to bed and crashed for the night. 

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