StandWatch Summer Expedition Day Two

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StandWatch Summer Expedition Day Two

Today had a rude awakening when Cole woke up everyone with his workout at four forty five. And I got out of bed at five AM and took a shower. After that I got ready for breakfast and went down to have a scrumptious meal. The hotel breakfast was pretty ok. There was bacon and eggs and biscuits and gravy. The only really bad thing about it is that the cups were a bit to small and you could not really get a lot of the drink. We started the day with an hour car ride to our hiking location. Then when he got there we had to get on you the shuttle to get us to the location.  The hike started out strong then the trail just keep on going on and on till you can feel the atmosphere get thinner and thinner. The higher we were getting the more beautiful the land scales were. When we got to the first of three lakes this one was beautiful because their were a ton of lily pads. Then we went to the second lake and this lake was had a gorgeous streams to the lake and cool rock formation next to the lake. The last lake that we climbed up to was the emerald lake and the main interest was the stream going into the lake and just how high it is above sea level. After we had enjoyed the lake we went back down the trail and went on a shuttle back to our cars. Then we went to lunch and the group split up to choose what to eat. After we were done eating we immediately went to our new hotel in Casper, Wyoming for the night then we go to Mount Rushmore for the experience of a lifetime.

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