StandWatch Summer Expedition Day One

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StandWatch Summer Expedition Day One

Beginning the day with a great wholesome breakfast coco pebbles. Then I frantically packed my bags because I thought this day would never come. Then I got ready to go and headed to the meeting location. After we had all gotten situated and went to the capital of Ohio for our flight to Austin, Texas. Before we left we went to one of the greatest fast food restaurants, Chick-fil-A. I ordered the classic chicken sandwich and it was awesome and some amazing waffle fries. After that meal we went to the airport we got a just to the plane. After waiting for about ten minutes we got airborne. This was my first time in an airplane I was pretty scared but listening to my rocking toons. The flight was a bit bumpy but it was a good experience for my first flight. After that first flight we landed in Austin, Texas we got out of the plane and had dinner in the airport. Then when we all went back into the plane to take us to the next location Denver, Colorado. When we arrived the airport we all got out and went to claim our luggage and went to the car rental area and got some dope cars. After we got our cars and headed to our first hotel and went to bed right on time. My thoughts on the day is that it had to happen so that we could have the amazing experiences later in the week. Then it was also the first of many things like the first time going to the west and on an airplane so it was a fairly interesting day. Over all I give this day a good five out of ten because it was not to bad but I could have been better and it was not that bad.

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