StandWatch Academy: Day Two

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StandWatch Academy: Day Two

Today we went to hike in Estes Park and Casper Wyoming. We had a fairly short drive to the trials in Estes only lasting 30-45 minutes. We passed many animals on the way to the park. The park was packed and only had a few parking spots left about four miles away. Luckily they had busses picking people up from the parking lots. We had to go in two different groups and busses to make it to the trail. We started up the one mile trail. It felt longer because we were moving uphill. We crossed creeks and climbed up on rocks. We eventually made it halfway up to a peak with a beautiful view of the area and the mountains surrounding us. We continued the climb and stopped at Emerald lake and some other lakes. The last one had a waterfall draining into it. The climb down was easy and we boarded the busses again. After we got back to the cars we went to the town and got food. Some of us are Subway and others ate at the chocolate factory. We got back in the cars to drive to Wyoming which is 4 and a half hours. We drove through some canyons with rivers or streams in them. We stopped at Wallmart for some snacks and other stuff for about a half an hour. We drove to a rest stop in Wyoming and stretched our legs. We had about two hours to go before we stopped for dinner in Casper. We stopped for pizza and got Pepperoni, two cheeses, and a meat lovers. We started towards our hotel at about 8:30. We finally arrived near midnight and went straight to sleep.

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