StandWatch Academy Day Six

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StandWatch Academy Day Six

     Today started like any other day cole waking up early and waking up everyone else. The thing that we did not know is that a couple in the middle of the night cane into our room and only cole woke up. To start off I took a shower to wake up and to get clean. We had a later start to because we had to be down stairs at seven instead of six in the morning. 

     Once we had breakfast and were hydrated for the hike. We went to Canyonlands National Park for a two mile hike. The drive to the park was about six hours but we had to stop for restroom breaks and coffee on the way. Once we had arrived at the park we had to find the right place to go on the hike. 

     The hike started out pretty easy but we just kept climbing higher on to massive rocks. Then we reached the first outlook to gaze upon the massive valleys. However we were not down until we took a mind blowing group picture. After we were done with the first outlook we went the second and truly saw the beauty of the land we were among.

     After we were done with looking out upon the the magnificent land we took a couple group shots. On the way back we saw a couple of Australians calling out to our group. So we went up to them and they said that a man wife had fallen off of the trail and she needs help. Without a second thought Zac got us all up together and sent the whole group but the Masons, himself and I to try to make contact with the man and to find the woman. 

     Mine and Zac’s job was the get the man to the trail head and to make sure that he got all the water he needed. The Mason’s job was to try to find the woman to help the park rangers get the woman to safety. The rest of the group all played their part by communicating with the park rangers to help them get the woman to safety. 

     Zac and I had to get the man back to his car as soon as possible because he was massively dehydrated and extremely tired. After we had got him back to his car Zac went back out to try to find the woman and take as much water as he could with him. After he had left the chaperones that went to get the park rangers came back and told us that they would be here in just a little bit. Once the park rangers had arrived we had to tell them everything that we knew. 

     After about four hours of waiting around for Zac and the Mason chaperones to come back. They finally got in range for our radios to make contact and they told the rest of the group that they had found her and she was going to be ok. Once they all had got back for their search party. We instantly got on the road to find food. 

     Once we found a town we decided to go to Wendy’s but they were just closing so we had to go to Denny’s instead. It was about eleven when we got there but it would not be until about twelve thirty when we would get all of our food. After we had gotten our food we went to the hotel. The hotel was about two hours away so we arrived there at about two in the morning. So then we all hit the hay and waited for the next adventure. 

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