StandWatch Academy Expedition: Day Three

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StandWatch Academy Expedition: Day Three

Today started early when someone’s alarm went off at four in the morning and he had to be ready at six. While taking a shower one of the other people in the room turned the light of in the bathroom. As soon as that had happened I had got a very bad nose bleed. It’s pretty scary to be in the dark while taking a shower and then get a nose bleed so I started the day on a sour note. Then after all that we headed to Mount Rushmore. On the ride their I got another nose bleed and this time I could see how bad it was. Once we finally arrived at Mount Rushmore we got to see the massive sculptures in the mountain. We took a trail around the mountain and got to see them in s whole new way. After that we rushed to a movie about the sculptures and how they were made. Then we left the monument and went to lunch which was in a little sandwich spot and it was quite good. After we had all eaten we wen to see Devils Tower. When we got to Devils Tower we went in a one mile hike. About a three for fourths of the way through we went on a small detour to climb on some boulders and take some awesome pics. After we came down from the side track we finished the trail then went to dinner. The place we went for dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s and I had some great Mac and cheese. When we finally made the long trek to the hotel form dinner we got so see our fabulous rooms. These hotel rooms were amazingly better than the ones before because there were some great improvements than the last hotel. 

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