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Supporting the Next Wave of Young Entrepreneurs

This is the standard sponsorship rate sheet for StandWatch Academy’s Shockwave Talks.  As a sponsor, we strongly believe that your firm must derive direct benefits from your generous support of our program.  As such, we will gladly work with you to produce the ROI, awareness, and branding your business wants and deserves. Every package can be customized to meet your needs. Contact Zac Northup at for more information.  I can be reached directly via phone or text at 304-550-1070.

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Sponsorship PackageNET RateTotal

Display Booth Plus

Includes table-top pop-up or up to a 10×10 display booth; logo placement on all signage, conference print materials, our website, social media channels, and conference t-shirt for the attendees; 5 conference VIP passes.


Conference Communicator

Includes logo placement on all conference print materials, signs, our website, social media channels, and the program. Includes 3 VIP passes.


Feeding Frenzy Sponsorship

Throughout the day, we will have three snack breaks.  Your company can sponsor the break’s refreshments and receive signage and logo placement on the napkins and other materials.  These will be popular among the attendees and will be sure to generate brand awareness. Includes 2 VIP conference passes.


VIP Lounge/Reception Sponsorship

The VIP lounge will be exclusively reserved for business leaders, elected officials, select educators, student speakers, out-of-town VIPs, and StandWatch Academy staff. If you company is interested in making a targeted, impactful statement, this is the sponsorship for you. Includes signage at the door and in the room, recognition, and small give-away bags. Includes 5 VIP conference passes.