Rocky Mountain Expedition: Day 2

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Rocky Mountain Expedition: Day 2

Day 2
I set my alarm and woke up at 4:45 slipping out of the room as silently as possible to head down to the gym. After my workout I tracked back up two flights of stairs and woke the rest of the group in my room. Then we individually took turns taking showers and packing our bags for the adventure that was lying ahead. Afterwords, we went downstairs to the lobby and had breakfast, making sure to fill our water bottles and fuel ourselves for the car rides and hikes that laid ahead of us. We drove for an hour to Rocky Mountain National Park and traversed the six miles of trail embracing nature the whole way. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to view Lake Dream and Lake Emerald along the way. Also we observed the large standing rock formations, wildlife, and flowing streams that went along the trail. Once we had completed the hike and got back to the vehicles, and went to eat at Subway. I got a foot long black forest ham sandwich which was very filling. Afterward, we drove to the next location , and we had pizza at a local pizza place that was absolutely delightful. Later we then drove to the hotel and prepared for a rejuvenating night sleep, preparing me for the next morning.

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