Rocky Mountain Expedition: Day 1

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Rocky Mountain Expedition: Day 1

     The first part of our trip to Colorado was driving from West Virginia to Ohio to get to the airport. He drive there was interesting because I was the only girl in a car full of boys. I’m not complaining, I just didn’t understand half of the conversations. Anyways, the drive to Ohio seemed to go by pretty fast. 

     Before I knew it we were getting lunch at Chick-fil-A in Ohio before heading to the airport to catch our flight to Texas. Once everyone got their food we went to the airport. When we got to security I realized I did not get the TSA pre-check, which was odd for me because I’ve always gotten the pre-check every time I’ve been on a plane. It took much longer in the standard security line than it did in the pre-check. It was not very fun. 

     After security, we waited for a short while and then boarded our plane to Texas. I was a little anxious but I got over that really quick when we got up into the air. The flight itself was a little boring but that’s ok. There’s not much you can do on a plane. 

     Once we landed in Texas, we had a little time to get some food before we had to get on our flight to Colorado. We ate at a little taco place and it was so good! We then found ourself in a crowd of impatient people trying to board flights, because there were three different planes boarding in the same area at the same time. But eventually we got onto our plane. 

     The flight from Texas to Colorado wasn’t boring at all. I talked for most of the flight and napped for a little bit. That made the flight seem to go by so fast. 

     Once in Colorado, we were all very tired and very ready to get to the hotel and sleep. But before we do that, we had to get our bags from the baggage claim. It took a little while, but once the bags started coming we were out of there very fast to go catch a shuttle bus to go to the rental car place. We got to there quick but had to wait a few minutes while some of our group leaders finished getting the cars. We then split up into three big ole cars and headed to the hotel. 

     We got to the hotel and it was quite nice. It was clean and it smelled good. And then we all got some well needed rest. 

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