A Few Life Lessons

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A Few Life Lessons

On this trip there were a bunch of lessons to learn. Personally I didn’t learn any lessons that helped my cause, but I learned a few life lessons.

The first life lesson I learned how to adapt to last minute changes. During the trip stuff had to change because of situations. Just like in life, not everything is going to work to the plan you have.

Another lesson I learned was: you need to use your abilities when they are needed. With our situation in the desert, the adults, who knew they had the ability to help the lady, went to help without thinking twice. If they wouldn’t have there would have been the possibility of the woman never being found and her husband having a heat stroke from dehydration. 

The last lesson I learned was somewhat of a history lesson. When we were at the [Little Big Horn] battlefield, we were told that the white grave markers were the fallen soldiers from the 7th Cavalry. Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument is the only historical battlefield in the country that places the grave markers where the soldiers actually fell during the battle.  At the time I didn’t think much about what that meant, but Mr. Northup told us that most of them were in pairs of two. For them to be in pairs of two scattered about a large area around a vast field shows they died fighting for each other. When we were at the battlefield I wish I would have understood it on that level so I could appreciate it more. That might not seem like an important lesson, but it shows a lot of loyalty, and I’m sure it means even more for veterans. 

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