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Katy Kessler

CATE: Curriculum and Teacher Evaluation

CATE is a business founded on the idea that the education students are receiving is constantly capable of improving. The corporation consists of trained professionals who will travel to middle and high schools to evaluate the school’s teachers and classroom dynamic. Not only this, but students will be interviewed so that their opinions are taken into consideration while CATE employees are in the process of analyzing the school. By offering feedback to the school, CATE hopes to nationally better education and satisfy the needs of schools, students, and parents of students.

Mission: “To improve the education of America’s future generations through classroom intervention and student prioritization.”

Katy Kessler Profile

My name is Katy Kessler. I am a senior at Trinity Christian School in Morgantown, West Virginia. I am the founder of CATE and am driven by the idea of progression in today’s school system.