Katiebeth’s Expedition Overview

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Katiebeth’s Expedition Overview

I know in the last post I wrapped everything up for this expedition, but this post is different from the others. This post is about the lesson or lessons I have learn from this trip and how I can apply it to my organization. To be honest, I have learn a lot along the way, but I have to say that one lesson that absolutely change my perspective on everything and myself as a person is the lesson that plans change.

To everyone it might not be a huge deal, but if you really know me as a person you know that I am a huge planner, and I hate it when plans change. It messes up my brain, and it makes me really stressed. Furthermore, it causes my body to shut down, and rewire to plan again. Generally speaking, I am just a whole mess when plans change.

But my entire perspective changes when this expedition came to in end and when plans did actually change along the way. For instance, I have to say the most changing experience I had on this trip was the incident in Canyonlands with the man and his wife. Experiencing the whole incident and knowing what I know now gave me a new outlook at plans changing. It taught me that know matter how prepared you can be, you will never truly be prepared for everything.

As I look back, I always thought I was such a capable person to adjust when plans changed, but this trip proved me wrong. From this trip, I know now that it is okay for plans to change and that I really should expect plans to change. This lesson not only applies to my everyday life, but also for my organization. For instance, I can plan such a great money plan, a whole business plan, and even a sponsoring plan, but it can all change in seconds. No matter how much I prepare or plan, it will change, and I know that because of my experiences from this trip.

To close, I have to say this trip has taught me a lot and has gave me a new outlook on plans changing. I am still working on it, but I will say that I am one step closer to becoming flexible with plans changing. Overall, I can take away that I should expect the unexpected when it comes to anything.

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