How Does $500 Balloon Into $3000?

//How Does $500 Balloon Into $3000?

How Does $500 Balloon Into $3000?

A few weeks ago we told you about a local veteran who needed repairs done to his wheelchair ramp. Pinnacle Solutions out of Huntsville, Alabama generously donated $500 for the materials that we believed would be needed to make the necessary improvements. Well, as it turns out, the main problem isn’t with the existing ramp, it’s with the access leading up to the ramp. The wheelchair van used by the veteran and his family does not fit properly in their small driveway. As such, his spouse has to drop him off on the public sidewalk where he wheels himself up the partially paved driveway that is steep, and muddy. At the top, there is a smaller ramp that he then must climb to execute a 90 degree turn. If done incorrectly or in bad weather, he will fall off the side. Once off the first ramp, he has to then wheel himself through muddy grass, snow, and whatever mother nature wants to throw at him, execute a 270 degree turn and then wheel up the main ramp into his house. So, with this in mind, we have determined that our $500 ramp replacement has morphed into a MUCH larger driveway/sidewalk renovation. StandWatch is fortunate that our COO, Al Conaway, is a skilled draftsman in his paying job. Al has taken the lead on this project and developed a detailed plan of what needs to be done, which is specified in the drawing. If anyone wants to pitch in and help get this done, we can certainly use the help. Donations can be accepted online, and materials/labor assistance is critical. This project will easily exceed $3000 dollars. Contact Al Conaway at to get involved.

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