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Hannah Mason

Outside the Horizon’s

Outside the Horizon’s is a for-profit organization that helps young students learn that there is more opportunities than just in their community, and to teach them they can be able to achieve anything they want.

Hannah’s Profile

My name is Hannah Mason and I am the founder of Outside the Horizon’s.

Lesson Seven: Creating Great Images

Mission: “To help kids think outside the box, and to help them do things they never thought was possible.”

My Work

Day 8

Hannah Mason July 18th: Today was the day we came home. We started the morning at 3:45 a.m. We were all very tired. We started to the airport and [...]

Day 6-7 Factoids

Hannah Mason July 16-17th: 1. Colorado National Monument President William Howard Taft established Colorado National Monument. 2. Glenwood Springs Glenwood Springs sits on top of the rugged Rocky Mountains. [...]

Day 6

Hannah Mason July 15th: After getting up so early on Saturday we were all pretty tired. So, this morning we got to sleep a little later. We got up [...]

Day 6 Factoids

Hannah Mason July 15th: 1. Canyonlands National Park • There are more than 273 different bird species found in Canyonlands National Park 2.Grand Junction, Colorado • Grand Junction is [...]

Day 5 Factoids

Hannah Mason July 14th: 1. Yellowstone National Park •Yellowstone National Park has 1,000-3,000 earthquakes annually. 2. Idaho Falls • Idaho Falls is home to many eagles nests.

Day 4 Factoids

1. Little Big Horn National Monument • Little Big Horn has very advanced CSI teams that can trace where a bullet was shot from and who shot it. 2. [...]