Hannah Mason: California Logbook

    On Wednesday night on the 7th of November we left Teays Valley Christian School, and headed to Cincinnati, Ohio. When we got to the hotel  in Cincinnati we basically passed out. The next morning we woke up really early, and drove to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. We boarded our plane, and six hours later we were in San Jose, California. We grabbed our bags from the baggage claim, and went to find our rental car. Next, we drove to San Francisco and went to Pier 39. We got to see a bunch of sea lions that were very loud. We then went shopping for a few minutes to get a few souvenirs.

After that we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun was setting, which was beautiful. Then we went to an overlook to see the bridge from higher up. Then at the bottom of the mountain we got to go to Rodeo Beach, a black sand beach, and stuck our toes in the Pacific Ocean. The beach was freezing cold. That night we ate dinner in a small town out on the water. The next day we went to Intuit and got to meet Brad Smith the CEO. We sat down and asked him questions, and then he took us on a tour to the other buildings. They were absolutely amazing and creative. Also at Intuit there were robots outside. We got to see the Google headquarters,and we got to visit Shotspotter to see how everything works. Shotspotter is a really cool company, and they are saving lives with their product.

After being in Silicon Valley we drove to Modesto, California to our hotel.  The next day we went to Yosemite National Park and hiked for five hours. The views were absolutely amazing, but it was very cold outside. The waterfalls were stunning, and I’m glad that we got to go to the top of the waterfall to see everything from above. At the top there was a beautiful lake that people were skipping rocks on. We got to see a very friendly family of deers that would let you get near them. After the hike we went to the village store, and after that we drove back to the hotel and ate dinner.

Today we are leaving for the airport to go home. We will be getting home very late tonight, and will probably be jet lagged. In San Francisco I really enjoyed everything we got to see. I wish we would of stayed longer in San Francisco though, because I feel like there was more we would of been able to see if we would of been there longer. The overall trip was awesome, and I hope that I can come back to California again with my family. At Intuit I learned a lot from Brad Smith, and everything he stands for in his business. This trip was one that I will never forget, and I can’t wait for the next time I come back to California.

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