Gold Star Day at Capitol

//Gold Star Day at Capitol

Gold Star Day at Capitol

One of our 2018 projects is working with leaders from around West Virginia to get a Gold Star Family Memorial built on the grounds of the West Virginia State Capitol Complex.  Senate Majority Leader Ryan Ferns, Senator Ryan Weld, President Mitch Carmichael, and Speaker Tim Armstead immediately threw their support to the effort, and we were able to get the resolution passed within the first two weeks of the session.  It was the first item to pass both houses this year.

To commemorate that extraordinary event, Woody Williams came to to the Capitol and was presented with the resolution. He spoke on the floor of both houses, and thanked the senators and delegates for their help.  It was a remarkable event, and was honored to have played a role in the process.

As an added bonus, StandWatch Academy’s legislative interns were visiting with state senators that day, met with Woody (again), and listen to his speech on the senate floor.  We want to thank Senators Ferns, Boso, Rucker, Karnes, Blair, Gaunch, and Trump for hosting our interns.

The next step in the process comes when the West Virginia Culture and History Division meets to approve the memorial’s plans.  Our goal is to begin construction by Memorial Day 2018. Stay tuned.


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