Expedition Day 8

//Expedition Day 8

Expedition Day 8

Because of the late night playing Mafia, I wasn’t the first to wake up like usual. Grace woke me up around 7. I proceeded to braid 3 heads of hair and get ready. The breakfast at that hotel was the nicest by far. They had a bunch of fresh fruit and vegetables. They also had these really yummy smoothies. This was the day mostly everyone was waiting for. We were goin white water rafting. About half of our group had been rafting and before. Some of the new timers were a little scared of what the expect on the rafting. We calmed them down, but then they watched the video that explains the worst things that could go wrong. I’m the bus ride there we calmed them down a little. Once we arrived to the shore where we put our rafts in, we got to meet and talk to our instructor. She was very hyper and funny. She did the opening instructions about how she was going to call commands and then we put the boat in the water. Grace and I started out in the front seat. Because the water was so low, the hardest rapids were at the beginning. We did 9 basically nonstop rapids. After that there was a lot of places where we could get out and swim. As we went through the river, the guide told us about some of the cool site you could see from the river. The rafting was so much fun that the time flew by like a snap of a finger.  Once every raft from our whole group finished, we got back on the bus and went to go look at the pictures they took. We went to the gift shop to look at the pictures, then left to eat at Subway. By that time it was around 2. We had a 3 hour drive to the hotel that night so we went straight there. The drive was a little longer than expected because we hit the post-work Denver traffic. We finally got to Colorado Springs and the first thing we did was go eat. We ate at a local burger place that had a bunch of unique, different burgers. After dinner we went to hotel, had a little meeting, and went to sleep. 

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