Expedition Day 7

//Expedition Day 7

Expedition Day 7

This day crosses over with the day before. We were leaving Denny’s around midnight and arriving at the hotel around 3. Because of the arrival time, we didn’t have to be downstairs until 11.  Unlike usual, the next morning I wasn’t the first person awake. I woke up to Grace singing a random song. The night before she had decided to wake up at 8 so she could workout. Once she woke me up, we got to talking and woke everyone else up. Then 2 of us showered and we headed downstairs for breakfast. We were pretty much the only people who were in the lobby for breakfast that morning. After we ate, we went to the gym and did a little bit of a workout. Following the workout, we went back to our room and finished packing. At this time we still had a whole hour to do whatever we wanted, so we just hung out in our room. That got very boring really fast. Grace and I decided that we would go downstairs and she who there was to talk to. The only people downstairs were the adults, so we decided to FaceTime my mom. We decided to tell her the story from the day before. She found the whole situation fascinating. After we told her the story, she hung up and went back to work. By the time we were finished talking to her, it was time to leave. The first place we went was the Colorado National Monument. Because of the night before, we decided maybe it would be best on all of our bodies if we didn’t hike; therefore, we just drive around. We did happen to get out at an overlook. The Colorado National Monument kind of looks like a smaller Canyonlands. Once we had finished taking all of our pictures at the overlook, we got back in the car and drove some more through the monument. Then we started the drive for Glenwood Springs. On the way there we had been told it was going to be more of a relaxing day. At first we had the option to go to a hot spring, but that fell threw because of the time we got to the hotel. Once we knew we weren’t going there anymore we went to Walmart since some of the girls needed swimsuits. Walmart didn’t have any swimsuits under the size of XL, so we went to Target. I’m pretty sure the girls were successful at finding suits at Target, but I’m not sure because I wasn’t shopping with them. After Target, we were told that we would all go to the pool and swim then order pizza for dinner. We swam in the pool for around 2 hours. Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun. Then we all got out, fried off, and waited for the pizza. After we ate all the pizza, a bunch of us were super hyper so we decided to play a game called Mafia. We started the game around 9 and played until 10:45. There were so many good laughs during that game and so many amazing memories that I will never forget. Sadly it had to come to an end when we all needed to head to our rooms.

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