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Exponential Growth in 2018

Donations and Impact

In today’s environment, people who support StandWatch Academy deserve complete transparency about how we use our resources.  I am a firm believer in reporting traditional metrics like revenue vs. expenses, but also think that the most important datapoint should be how we use the money we are given to accomplish our mission. There are multiple articles on this website where I provide deep dive explanations of everything we have achieved in 2018.  In Academic Upgrades for 2019, there’s a great summary of the academic programs and lessons learned. In Improving the Expeditions in 2019, I take a look at everything we did during our educational travel expeditions. Throughout our Expedition Reports section, there are several hundred articles and trip reports written by our students that provide their perspective on the StandWatch Academy experience. Finally, there is a Parent/Student Satisfaction Survey summary available for those who want to know what our students took away from their time with the program.

On this page, you will find information about who supports our programs, how we use our resources, and some general Q&A about StandWatch Academy’s origins. I hope you find it interesting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at


2018 in Review

Year-Over-Year Revenue

2017 Revenue
2018 Revenue

Expenditures By Subcategory

Business Registration$51.00
Contract Payment$29,744
Expedition Activities$2,344.56
Expedition Food$4,650.73
Expedition Lodging$10,311.04
Expedition Supplies$963.35
Expedition Travel$30,560.76
Office Supplies$14.42
Research Materials$13.77

Program, Administrative, Fundraising Expenses

Revenue by Source: Online vs. Check/Cash

Special Thanks to Our  2018 Donors

Nancy Baire

Yolanda Benintendi

Brian Bruce

Cathy Busch

Ken and Judy Caplinger

David Casto

Ericka Duncan

Shelley Fernley

Jim Freeman

Sean Graves

Chris Grieser

Brad Hall

Megan Hannah

Laurie Harper

Stephen Harper

Kyra Harris

Carolyn Hicks

Janet Holdren

Joe & Natalie Horton

Paul Kami

James Kessler

Jason Kessler

Jerry Kessler

Noah Kessler

Zane Kessler

Susan Lavenski

Jane Loudenburg

Monica Mason

Bret Mccallister

Thor Meeks

Robert Metz

Stefanie Morrison

Pam Morrow

Chad Prather

Bill Raney

David & Stephanie Richardson

Marshall Reynolds

Bethany Ross

Madison Sayre

Whitney Seacrist

Teresa Shoemaker

Marisa Skaff

Phillip Skeens

Gary Sims

Lecia Smith

Todd Stallard

Beth Stewart

Patricia Thomasson

Dennis Watson

Patricia White

Louis Weisberg

Leatha Young

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a 501c3 non-profit corporation, established in September 2015, that helps veterans, young people, and community leaders develop projects that make communities better.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

As a veteran and someone who worked in the defense sector for close to 17 years, our CEO, Zac Northup, is keenly aware of the issues that affect men and women in uniform.  After the 2015 Veterans Administration IG report was made public, he felt moved to do something, but a specific plan was elusive.  Later that week, Zac was watching a YouTube video series called Expedition Overland.  In episode seven, a group of veteran doctors and medics used modified four-wheel drive vehicles to travel to a remote village in Central America to provide free medical services to villagers.  This particular village was often overlooked by other aid organizations due to its remoteness. That’s where the idea for StandWatch came from.  Zac texted Dr. Melin Moses that night, and the two sat down the next morning to lay out a plan.  When the scale of the concept became more apparent, they asked another friend, Al Conaway, to come on board as Chief Operating Officer.  As a three man team, Zac focuses on strategic direction, messaging, and overall operations.  Melin is the exclusive decision-maker on all things medical including equipment needs, volunteer staffing for the clinic, and patient care.  Al was responsible for turning Zac’s crazy ideas into reality which basically involves nearly every aspect of the operational side of StandWatch. In June 2017, he stepped aside to focus his energies on building his business and preparing for the next stage of his life.

Over the years, the three founders learned that approximately 20% of veterans across the country need, or want, assistance with the problems they are experiencing.  That means that 80% of veterans live their lives free of any significant troubles, and often like to get involved in their communities.  This led StandWatch to begin developing programs and initiatives where we provide logistical, organizational, and financial support to any veteran-led project that makes communities better. Simultaneously, we began experimenting with our own expeditions where we team veterans up with students to do physical outdoor challenges, hoping that both groups will learn from the experience. These experiments led us to create StandWatch Academy.

Is a 501(c)3 Organization?

We received our 501(c)3 certification letter on January 15, 2016, with an effective date of September 26, 2015.  See here. is a West Virginia non-profit corporation established in September 2015. We submitted IRS Form 1023 on October 16, 2015. Similar paperwork was filed with the state. According to IRS regulations, we could have delayed submitting Form 1023 for up to 27 months after incorporation, but we wanted to do it immediately. We were thrilled that the IRS only took 90 days to approve and return our application.

As part of our 1023 application, we had to include notes for specific questions.  Here is a link to those notes.   Additionally, we were required to include a copy of our bylaws.  If you really want to see it, email us and I’ll provide you with a signed copy.

If you would like to see a copy of our 2015 990, you can view it here.  Because we only raised slightly more than $3000 between September 2015 and year-end ($850 of which was sent to the IRS for our 501(c)3 application), we were only required to file the 990-N form.  It was simple and painless.  Hopefully, we’ll break $50,000 in revenue in 2018 and our future tax returns be more detailed.  It’s a good problem to have. Until then, we will go the extra mile to post our financial information here.

NOTE: You can view our 2017 990N here.

How Much Must StandWatch Raise?

We have spent a great deal of time and money establishing our 501(c)3 status, accounting procedures, and internal policies so we can have the infrastructure to grow into a self-sustaining nonprofit. We are now in a position to scale operations and meet the need.  The only limiting factor is financial resources.  It’s really very simple:  The more money we have, the more people we can help.

We will be adding more information to this page as more questions come up.