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Our Summer Students and Their Projects

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Kathryn Alley

North Star is a nonprofit business with the purpose of providing training and mentorship with parents and families wanting to adopt a child from the foster care system, as well as expediting the adoption process so that it is easy and efficient for a good, loving family to bring a child home.

Paige Blust

More Than Me is a program used o teach young people to care for and love a living animal. This provides someone with the chance to learn both how to care for animals properly, and the opportunity to give their attention to something other than themselves.

Katiebeth Bowens

Safe Haven (SH)  is a sanctuary for kids to go to that need that extra helping hand or guidance in the right direction.

Chloe Ferrell

Part with Pollution is a non-profit organization that focuses on cleaning up the earth and showing others how to help keep it clean by holding a local cleanup day once every three months.

Chloe Harper

Rise Up Youth is a buddy system, pairing youth in bad homes with successful adults. Once they are paired, they will go do a fun activity based on what the youth likes to do. The end goal of Rise Up Youth is to show youth that if they work hard they can be successful too, and make a better life for themself.

Micah Gillispie

The Anti-Drug Association (ADA) is about giving the people in need of help with drug associated issues the help they need. The goal of this program is to help people to get their life back and help them prosper in life.

Angelo Kami-Beveridge

The Anti Bullying Cooperative (ABC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating bullying as an issue in society. Whether it’s about appearance or ideas, we will dedicate our time and resources to resolve the issue. We will do this through counselors for the bully and the victim, the counselors will not have any affiliation with the school to eliminate any bias.

Emily Kessler

Teen Voice wishes to bring support to teenagers suffering with depression or thoughts of suicide. It can often be hard talking to our elders about these kinds of things, which is why teen voice is mostly ran by teens, our peers, to help make the teenagers more comfortable and accepted.

Katy Kessler

Today for Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization intent on nurturing youth residing in communities notorious for drug abuse into adults that have overcome their surroundings.

Grace Mason

A Child’s Break is designed to get kids out of abusive and drug or alcohol addicted households. Through this we are going to be able to show kids what different opportunities they have in life instead of becoming what their parents were like.

Hannah Mason

Breaking Out The Bad is a non-profit organization that helps students in school systems get out of their bad environment and into a better one where they have an opportunity to prosper and grow.

Meredith Northup

Voice of the Arts has the goal of introducing at-risk and inner city kids to creative processes to renew passion in life. Our goal is to create art camps, workshops, and small groups for kids ages 10 to 18 to explore a part of life they haven’t before.

Cole Young

UpRoot is a facility based organization devoted to helping people, specifically West Virginians, from contributing the the drug epidemic by informing the consequences and providing a safe, attentive, and caring place.