Day 8

Day 8

Hannah Mason

July 18th:
Today was the day we came home. We started the morning at 3:45 a.m. We were all very tired. We started to the airport and got there at 5:30. We played Mafia for a hour before boarding the plane. The plane ride was really rough and had a lot of turbulence. We had a hilarious flight attendant. We landed, grabbed our bags, and got in ours cars.
The trip was good , but I’m really glad I’m home now. During this trip I realized that things don’t always go as planned. I struggled with that because I really like when things don’t change and stay the same way instead of changing things last minute. I now know that I need to be able to change plans , and be okay with it. I also learned how I need to be ready for anything , and if I’m put in a situation I need to be able to handle it. I learned to be a leader when others can’t. I learned some stuff that can help my non-profit organization, but not much. The leadership part will help me in the future, but we didn’t go over the stuff we have been working on. I wish we would of done more of that.

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