Day 6

Day 6

Hannah Mason

July 15th:

After getting up so early on Saturday we were all pretty tired. So, this morning we got to sleep a little later. We got up at 7:15a.m. and got ready for the day. Once everyone was ready we finished packing our bags and left for breakfast downstairs. Breakfast was okay , but it’s hotel food so it was the same as the rest of the week. After breakfast we waited in the lobby until everyone was done eating. Once everyone got in the lobby we went over our factoids for the day. We went to Canyonlands National Park and Grand Junction, Colorado. We got on the road and headed to our first destination of the day. We stopped at some rest areas and when we stopped at the gas station my nose started to bleed. It wasn’t as bad as usual so it only took five minutes too stop. We got back on the road and some time passed and we stopped at a coffee shop. Then we got back on the road and got into the town of Moab, Utah. By then it was 3:00 so we stopped at a food truck that served quesadillas. The food was really great and it was it the shade which made it even better. After that we went to Canyonlands National Park. We hiked up a little trail that had two beautiful overviews. On the way back from the hike we met this little boy named Luka that was adorable. We tried to take a picture with him but he just wanted to play with the rocks. As we headed back we met these Australians that asked if we had a phone , because a man needed help to find his wife. We sent my parents, Zac, and Micah to go help while we went to find a park ranger. We couldn’t find one so we alerted the authorities. 45 minutes later they came and headed to look for her. We stayed with the cars for about 3 hours while the rangers, ambulances, and an EVAC tried to look for her. Eventually they found her and she was reunited with her husband. We left the park and went to Denny’s around 10:45 and were there for 2 1/2 hours. We got on the road and left for the hotel in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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