Day 5

Day 5

Hannah Mason
July 14th:

This morning we had to wake up at 4:45 a.m. to get on the road to Yellowstone National Park. We packed our bags, and had a little time until we had to go down stairs. So, we sat down on the floor, and waited until it was 5:20. At 5:20 we went down the elevator and into the lobby. We waited about 5 minutes until everyone was downstairs and ready to leave. Since we were up so early we couldn’t eat breakfast at the hotel. As we went outside with our bags the sun was rising beautifully. We put our bags in the Northup car, and got in to the vehicle. Katiebeth was the team mom today, and I was in the car with her, Chloe Ferrell, and the Northup’s. We started on our way to Yellowstone National Park. Which is where we would spent most of our day. On the way there we talked about our dogs including my puppy Lili and the Northup’s dog Kaiser. By the way Zac really loves Kaiser.

Before we started going up the mountain we stop at a little gas station in this cute town. Almost everyone went in and got something for breakfast or just got s snack for later in the day. The SUV’s filled up with gas, and we left for Yellowstone. While driving up we passed mountain goats and many people doing a 5k on top. We got to 10,950 feet in elevation , and you could basically see everything on the mountain. As we were coming down we saw a bunch of frozen lakes, but the farther we went down the lakes became unfrozen. The whole mountain we went up had over 25 round-abouts, and the higher in elevation we went the more our ears popped. At the bottom of the mountain we went about 45 minutes more and that is where Yellowstone National Park. Once we got in the park we didn’t see much wildlife, but as we kept going we started seeing more. The first big thing we saw was a black bear in the trees. 5 minutes later we saw our first bison. It was right beside our car, it was so cool but it smelled so bad. 10 minutes later we saw a whole herd of them, and a while after that we had to stop because the were crossing the road. When we got to Old Faithful we had just missed it shoot up. So we decided to go on a short walk until it was supposed to erupt again. We saw a bunch of many geysers and little rivers. It smelled really bad because of the geysers but we lived through it. We went back and saw Old Faithful erupt. It was super cool. After that we got back on the road and out of Yellowstone National Park. Once we got to Idaho Falls we stopped for dinner at a 50’s retro themed diner called Dixie’s Diner. Everything there was awesome. After that we had an hour to get to where we are now.

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