Katiebeth’s Factoids: Day 8

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Colorado Springs - Gold was discovered on the western slope of Pikes Peak in the 1890s, and bought such wealth to the area that by 1904 Colorado Springs was home to a third of the nation’s millionaires, earning it the nickname [...]

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Katiebeth’s Factoids: Day 7

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Colorado National Monument - Vistors often see mule deer and may also spot coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, desert bighorns and much smaller mammals such as foxes, desert cottontails, squirrels, and other rodents. Glenwood Springs, CO - It was originally named “Defiance” [...]

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Katiebeth’s Factoids: Day 5

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Yellow Stone National Park - one of Yellowstone’s earliest explores was stranded there for 37 days. Idaho Falls - Idaho Falls’ signature waterfall system is only 20 feet tall and largely man-made

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Katiebeth’s Factoids: Day 6

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Canyonlands National Park - Reptiles are common in Canyonlands National Park and include species such as desert spiny lizards, northern whiptail lizards, and western collard lizards, and midget faded rattlesnakes (the only venomous snake in the park). Grand Junction, Colorado - [...]

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Katiebeth’s Factoids: Day 4

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Little Bighorn National Momument - Custer liked to wear cinnamon scented oil in his hair. Billings, Wyoming - Called the city beneath the rim rocks. The rim rocks, also known as the rims are a 300 to 800 foot sandstone formation. [...]

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Katiebeth’s Factoids: Day 2

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Medicine Bow, Wyoming - Home to the Owen Wister Cabin. It was named after Wister who came out West often. He met lots of people such as cowboys and Indians. Because Wister visited quite frequently, the names and events over a period of [...]

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Katiebeth’s Factoids: Day 3

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Mount Rushmore - Young boys (known as call boys) were hired to sit on the side of the mountain to shout messages back and forth to the operators to speed up or slow down. Devils Tower - The apostrophe in Devil’s was mistakenly [...]

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