Factiod Day 5

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1.) Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful, a geyser, erupts every 92 minuets on average. 2.) Idaho Falls Idaho Falls was founded in 1891.

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Factoids Day 3

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1.) Mount Rushmore, WA George Washington’s nose is longer than the others by about a football his measures 21 feet from top to bottom. 2.) Devil’s Tower, WY The tower is a cultural and religious focal point for several American Indian [...]

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Factoid: Day 4

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1.) Little Bighorn Battlefield Custer (US Army officer and Calvary commander) ordered horses to be killed to build  defensive walls for their last stand. 2.) Billings, MT as of June 2015, the unemployment rate is only 3.9%.

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Factoids Day Two

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1.) Rocky Mountain National Park, CO The average visitors to the Rocky Mounatin National Park is 3 million per year. 2.) Medicine Bow, WY Medicine Bow had a population of 275 as of July 2017 3.) Casper,WY Wyoming was the last [...]

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Day 1 Factoids

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1.) Columbus, OH The first Wendy’s restaurant opened in East Broad Street in November 1969 2.) Austin,TX Austinbhad the largest state Capitol in the United States 3.) Denver,CO Denver brews more than any other city in the nation, with over 200 [...]

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