Day 8

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Hannah Mason July 18th: Today was the day we came home. We started the morning at 3:45 a.m. We were all very tired. We started to the airport and got there at 5:30. We played Mafia for a hour before boarding [...]

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Final Thoughts on a Great Expedition

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Wednesday concluded the StandWatch Academy Summer Western Expedition. This meant that it was our last early morning, our last car ride, last plane trip, and final day as a group before some of us wouldn't see each other for quite a while. [...]

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Standwatch Trip Day 8

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This morning started at 7 am. We had to be downstairs at 8 so we could be at the white water rafting place at 10. When we were at breakfast I got volunteered to be “team mom” for the day. When [...]

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Standwatch Trip Day 6

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Today, started out just like any other morning on the trip. We got up around 6:15 a.m. and who would've thought we would get the leadership lesson we got. Turns out when everyone has to drink a whole bottle of water [...]

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Leadership Lesson

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While we were on our expedition, I didn’t really learn anything about being able to find ways to help kids for my non-profit. Though, I did learn about leadership roles and how to step up in situations. How I was showed [...]

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StandWatch Trip: Overview

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Today, me and my three roommates woke up at three thirty in the morning to have time to go to the airport for our flight. Once we got to the airport we stopped to eat breakfast, and then waited until it [...]

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StandWatch Trip: Day Eight

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  Today, me and my three roommates woke up at seven in the morning to get ready for our day. For breakfast I made a very good chocolate chip waffle with fruit. After we finished eating, my brother Zane, who goes [...]

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Standwatch summer trip day eight

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     The day started like all the other with Cole waking up before us and waking us up because we can sleep through everything. Today started at eight which was a lot better than other days on this trip. This [...]

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Standwatch Academy: Day Seven

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  As I awoke I realized that I was the first person to wake up in my room. Usually that would be a cool thing but unfortunately I woke up 3 hours early and had to wait for them to wake [...]

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StandWatch Academy Day Six

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     Today started like any other day cole waking up early and waking up everyone else. The thing that we did not know is that a couple in the middle of the night cane into our room and only cole [...]

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StandWatch Trip: Day Seven

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Today, me and my three roommates woke up at nine thirty, which was very helpful to get through the day. We then finished packing, and went downstairs to prepare to leave. As we were leaving, we all texted our parents to [...]

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Blog post day 4

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Today we got to wake up at six instead of five because we were leaving at seven. We headed down for breakfast, this hotel was very nice compared to the last one. The breakfast was good with many options. Soon after [...]

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Blog Post Day 3

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Today we woke up in a really bad hotel with random noises. My alarm went off early and was very annoying. I headed down to breakfast and ate potatoes and a muffin. I pushed a luggage care out to the parking [...]

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StandWatch Academy: Day Two

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Today we went to hike in Estes Park and Casper Wyoming. We had a fairly short drive to the trials in Estes only lasting 30-45 minutes. We passed many animals on the way to the park. The park was packed …

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Day 6

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Hannah Mason July 15th: After getting up so early on Saturday we were all pretty tired. So, this morning we got to sleep a little later. We got up at 7:15a.m. and got ready for the day. Once everyone was ready [...]

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Rocky Mountain Expedition: Day 2

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Day 2 I set my alarm and woke up at 4:45 slipping out of the room as silently as possible to head down to the gym. After my workout I tracked back up two flights of stairs and woke the rest [...]

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Standwatch Trip Day 5

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It was very hard to get myself out of bed this morning. We woke up at 4:45 so we could get a head start to Yellowstone National Park. When we got downstairs, we got our car assignment. We were supposed to [...]

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Day 5

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Hannah Mason July 14th: This morning we had to wake up at 4:45 a.m. to get on the road to Yellowstone National Park. We packed our bags, and had a little time until we had to go down stairs. So, we [...]

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Day 4

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Hannah Mason July 13th: This morning we got to sleep in a hour later than usual. We set alarms for 6:15 a.m. , but then changed them for 6:25 a.m. We got up, and got ready to leave. We packed our [...]

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