Creating a Diverse Entrepreneur

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I'm on a mission. I want to change the way young people view opportunity. Many years ago, I worked as a publisher and consultant in Washington but lived in Hurricane, West Virginia. As the editor of a small defense journal I [...]

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Gold Star Day at Capitol

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One of our 2018 projects is working with leaders from around West Virginia to get a Gold Star Family Memorial built on the grounds of the West Virginia State Capitol Complex.  Senate Majority Leader Ryan Ferns, Senator Ryan Weld, President Mitch [...]

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StandWatch in 2018.

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On December 4th, and StandWatch America held our first annual D37 Legislative Dinner at the Embassy Suites hotel in Charleston, West Virginia .  At this event, veterans, business leaders, and elected officials, from all over the state gathered to talk about the [...]

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Born Fighting

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Last year, I attended the funeral of a friend’s father. The entire service took place on a mountaintop overlooking a rural valley in West Virginia. As the family sat under a small canopy next to the casket, people stood loosely arranged [...]

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Pillbilly Elegy

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Over the years rural Americans, particularly those in Appalachia, have been the subject of condescension and outright hatred by the liberal left. Bill Maher’s rant that most of Middle America is populated by “pillbilly” drug addicts is just the latest example. [...]

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