What I Learned

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During the trip I learned how just by being together for a few hours, they may become good friends. Just by being on the plane for a few hours I gained new friends. This will help my project by showing how [...]

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Blog post day 4

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Today we got to wake up at six instead of five because we were leaving at seven. We headed down for breakfast, this hotel was very nice compared to the last one. The breakfast was good with many options. Soon after [...]

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Blog Post Day 3

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Today we woke up in a really bad hotel with random noises. My alarm went off early and was very annoying. I headed down to breakfast and ate potatoes and a muffin. I pushed a luggage care out to the parking [...]

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StandWatch Academy: Day Two

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Today we went to hike in Estes Park and Casper Wyoming. We had a fairly short drive to the trials in Estes only lasting 30-45 minutes. We passed many animals on the way to the park. The park was packed …

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