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Blog post day 4

Today we got to wake up at six instead of five because we were leaving at seven. We headed down for breakfast, this hotel was very nice compared to the last one. The breakfast was good with many options.
Soon after breakfast we headed outside to pack our stuff up but discovered we had a flat tire. We took the car to Wallmart to have it fixed but it would take a few hours. So we decided to have a scavenger hunt in the store. We had to find Salsa, a fribee, a local shirt, pink paint, and a mini basketball. The hunt was very competitive but we came out on top because of our strategy. We would find the items and hide them nearby and then being them to the judges one by one. Eventually we picked up snacks and I got gummy bears to share with my car and some orange juice. We waited some more before we went outside to play cards but soon after the car was finished and we could leave.
After we got on the road I decided to nap until the rest stop, when we stopped we were an hour and a half from the Little Bighorn battle site and military cemetery. The site was one of the only battle fields to have marked graves where the soldiers fell. The red were Indians and white were from Calvary and infantry units. The guide gave a quick lecture about the battle. We got in the cars again and drove to dinner which took about an hour. We went to Cracker Barrel and had dinner then went to our hotel.

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