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Blog Post Day 3

Today we woke up in a really bad hotel with random noises. My alarm went off early and was very annoying. I headed down to breakfast and ate potatoes and a muffin. I pushed a luggage care out to the parking lot so we could move to our next location, which was Mount Rushmore. We drive for a few hours through the middle of no where before arriving at a rest stop. We stretched out legs and talked before getting into the cars and driving for another hour. We stopped again at another rest stop with a playground. We were getting close to Mount Rushmore. We stopped in a parking garage and met up at the visitor center. Mount Rushmore was pretty tall and the faces were also big. We walked around taking a few pictures before we started on the half a mile trail. The trial led through rocks and under the heads. We took some more pictures before we want back to the visitor center to watch a short film on the history and construction of Mount Rushmore. The history was very interesting and long. The gift shop was the next place we stopped in and I got a Dead Wood patch for my backpack. We got in the cars and drive to lunch, we stopped at a small cafe. They had good food and drinks as well as a Volkswagen bus on display. We ate and got in the cars again heading to the Devils Tower.
Devils tower was very tall there were people climbing them as well. I accidentally spilled a ton of water on myself on the hike. The hike was one point six miles. We stopped to climb rocks around the base of the tower. We finally met at the hotel which was a lot better than the original and we are going swimming.

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