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Angelo Kami-Beveridge

Anti Bullying Cooperative

The Anti Bullying Cooperative (ABC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating bullying as an issue in society. Whether it’s about appearance or ideas, we will dedicate our time and resources to resolve the issue. We will do this through counselors for the bully and the victim, the counselors will not have any affiliation with the school to eliminate any bias. Consequences will be handled and enforced equally by school officials. The result will be lower suicide rates, fewer schools shootings, and higher productivity with more creativity and uniqueness. To fix the problems of the world we must be united.

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Mission: “To assist victims and bullies to teach today’s children how to accept others for a better tomorrow ”

Angelo Kami

My name is Angelo Kami-Beveridge, I am a student at Teays Valley Christian School and the founder of ABC.

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