Abby Baker: California Expedition

On November 7th, our group of 12 left Teays Valley to head to Cincinnati to spend the night. The next morning we got up to make our way to the airport and start our trip. We left Cincinnati and flew to San Jose that morning. From there, we headed into San Francisco. We ate lunch at In-N-Out! It was my first experience there, and the burgers were pretty good but definitely overhyped. From there we stopped at the hotel to drop off our luggage and then went sightseeing. We drove through San Fran and ended up at the Golden Gate Bridge. Personally, I’m kind of an engineering nerd so seeing the bridge was amazing and driving across was an awesome experience. After seeing the bridge we took a quick stop to dip our feet into the Pacific Ocean. It was ridiculously cold! Then we ate dinner at a really cute Mexican restaurant and headed back to the hotel.

Day 1 was more sightseeing and Day 2 was our business day in Silicon Valley. We got ready in the morning and left our hotel to head to Google. I was expecting a nice campus for Google but everything was kind of outdated and a little underwhelming. I did get some stuff from the merchandise store though. I think we just missed seeing the cooler parts of the Google campus because of security. After Google, we headed to Intuit to have lunch with Brad Smith, the CEO. He’s from Kenova, WV and actually went to Marshall, so getting to talk with him was a once in a lifetime experience. Each of us girls on the trip asked him a different question, which was very interesting, and then Brad actually showed us his office and one of the newest buildings on Intuit’s campus! From there, we headed to ShotSpotter Technology where we learned more about their product and got to see a demo. A lot of cities and college campuses are starting to use ShotSpotter as a more precise way to detect gunshots and make sure they go reported. After ShotSpotter we drove to Modesto, CA. We stopped that night at a grocery store to grab some food for lunch to prepare for our hike the next day.

Day 3 we went hiking at Yosemite National Park. The trail we did was basically uphill the entire time until we finally came back down. We had an elevation change of around 2000 feet and for a big portion of the climb we were just walking on rocks. For me, it was definitely out of my comfort zone, but was for sure worth it once we got to the top. It’s so beautiful in Yosemite, and pictures really don’t do it justice. It’s hard to capture the scale of the size of all the mountains and waterfalls. The hike took us pretty much all day and was exhausting. Definitely caused some sore muscles. After we left Yosemite, we headed back to Modesto and had dinner and then returned back to the hotel. All of us girls packed our stuff up and then passed out in bed. This morning we are headed back home! I really enjoyed my time on this trip!

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