A Day in Canyonlands

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A Day in Canyonlands

Because of the long day ahead of us, we didn’t have to be downstairs until 7. “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” was all the adults said that morning since we were going to Canyonlands National Park that day. If you don’t know what Canyonlands is I’ll summarize it for you real fast: it’s a desert. Deserts are hot, so water is very necessary. We took off for our drive around 7:45. The drive was 6 hours, so the first thing I did was sleep. We then stopped and everyone got up, but didn’t get out.

At our next stop we actually got out and went to a local coffee shop. After the coffee shop, we went into the first part of the desert. There was nothing around for miles on miles. An hour, or maybe two, we finally found civilization at a gas station. We then drove for a couple more hours. As we arrived at a local town, we ate at a quesadilla food truck. It was one of the best quesadillas I have had in a while. After the amazing food we backtracked a little to the park.

Unlike the other parks, this one all seemed the same. There wasn’t any wildlife on the side of the road, it was all dead shrubs, and some red mountains. Once we got on the trail, my whole perspective changed. The scenery on the hike was so pretty. Being on top of those red mountains was one of the best experiences I have had on this whole trip. The hike was 2.4 miles and the terrain of the hike was in great condition. Surprisingly, the best part about the hike was getting to climb up on the huge rocks. After we took in the amazing view from the top of the rocks, we headed back for the cars.

On the way back, we met a cute little boy. He was definitely a ladies man. Once we finished talking with him, we proceeded to finish the hike. Then we ran into an Australian couple who seemed a little frantic. They had stumbled across an elderly an who man lost his wife on the trail and the Australians were looking for phone service. We didn’t have phone service, but a couple of our adults were trained in the medical field, so they went to try and help. The rest of us continued to walk back to the car, looking for service everywhere we went. We never found service, so once we got back to the cars two adults drove it, with some kids, to get a ranger. While they were gone, one person from the group that went to the husband brought him back to us. We fed him and gave him as much water as we had left. He sat with us for a while and eventually started to cry. Once he noticed that we saw him crying, he went back to his car. After he left, I started asking about the culture of Denmark, where the couple was from, because I wasn’t sure if they were religious.

Nobody knew the answer, but I still went over to the mans car and asked if I could pray with him for his wife. To my surprise, he was okay with it and once I was finished he looked a little less stressed than before. I know that might sound crazy that one little short prayer, to a guy who didn’t speak great English, would kind of help him, but God works in amazing ways. By this time our other adults had managed to contact a park ranger and come back.

Some time had gone by and we still had no new word on the lady or on our leaders, so the adults decided we would play a game. The game was really fun to watch and it definitely lightened up the sad mood. By then, it was dark. Soon after the sunset finished our 3 adults had made it back. They had managed to find the woman, but they still weren’t able to get to her. Once they told the park rangers where her location was, we left. The lady was in great hands with the Rangers.

By this time it was around 9:30. When we finally reached a place where we could eat, everything was closed other than Denny’s. Although we didn’t want to have a sit down meal at 10:40, we did anyway. Everyone basically ordered this pancake meal, but everyone only got one half of it. So you would either get your pancakes or you would get your eggs and bacon. The food also took a very long time to come out. That doesn’t seem like it should be a problem, but we were all very tired and hungry. We accepted that fact that we would never get all of our food so we just paid and left. As we were pulling out of the parking lot a crazy worker started screaming at the driver of the last car claiming we hadn’t paid. The front two cars turned around and the adult who paid showed the receipt. Finally the lady calmed down and we headed for the hotel for the night. 

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